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Spend the night in a haunted schoolhouse


Jul 7, 2013 3:14pm H.O.P.E. Investigators
Going over evidence and we found this from our last investigation at Farrar Schoolhouse.
This is in the boiler room, there is no one in the room and no outside light coming in.
Watch from the left side of the room by the crate to the lower right side. It looks to be something
coming in by the crate an sitting in the chair, then he gets up, walks quickly around the chair
and to the lower right corner of the room, he then takes a step forward and then back again,
as if knowing people were about to come into the room.

"Ghostly" figure as described by Jim Oliver at Farrar Schoolhouse.


The Iowa Paranormal Investigation Society was down doing an investigation on august
10th with Paranormal Seekers of Iowa.
Jim Beck : "I can honestly say that i have no idea why attempting this popped into my head at the
time, and sure as hell did not expect to get a response to it! It was a great first trip to the school for us,
and i am pretty sure we will be back."


There is a flat soccer ball at Farrar, Investigator Mark sets it up on a tripod, and then
Investigator Dave Asks for someone to shake the tripod and make the ball fall. The Ball not only falls,
It looks to be hit off the tripod and ends up 4 feet from where it was. (Watch up by the seconds on the timer)


FBN Investigator:
You'll see some pixelelation on the bottom left of the screen as Stephen and Shell
walk away from the camera, then the camera moves by itself. The only other
investigator is 2 floors below and the camera cable was secured to a desk leg.

Haunting at Farrar:
Above are 2 stills taken from the video by FBN Paranormal that seem to show something
flying down the hall from behind the camera. I was able to get two stills within the 11th sec.
This is the first one that seems to show "something" just after the camera moves.
The arrow is pointing at the left "wingtip" of the figure. For general info we have lived here and
 never witnessed any bats or evidence of bats in the last 5 years ... that doesn't mean it is not possible.
If you replay the video from about 10 sec to 12 sec over and over you will end up with an opinion...
matrixing, reflection, bat or spirit?

Apologies for the horrible resolution. Our IR lamp was not functioning that night and I had set
the resolution to a lower setting because of the length of time we'd be filming. ...
there are three things going for it. Investigator Stephen had just seen something cross in front of
the recording light on our audio recorder that was on the stage. You'll see an "orb" (I'm not ruling out dust)
 come from behind the stage and move toward where the audio recorder was at the same time some
pixelelation is picked up on the camera.


Fox Valley Ghost Hunters capture wierd ball of light that comes
out of the back of stage area and down. Not dust ... solid white light.
3rd floor "stage" area
The most intense place we have investigated and we got to spend
two whole nights there Nov 4th to the 6th of 2011."
We were only there for a short period investigating the 3rd floor where most is said to happen.
We heard a disembodied voice and some noises coming from the stage area. A short while later a group of 3 investigators, Vanessa, Jordan and Lori got a hug from what we believe was a little girl in the Library and I
will post one of our investigators reaction to the hug as she received it. We went over evidence while
on location and we have over 100 evps and some balls of light on cameras. We will post the best evps
to our evp section and the videoas soon as it is edited. We loved this place and plan to do a return trip
 here in warmer months. This place has 4 floors to investigate and the last night that we were there
something took a liking to our room. I was just about to sleep and something banged on my air mattress
next to my head. I jumped up and was like what the heck and the whole night something was
pulling on our blankets and we could hear noise coming from
the gym and our investigators described it
as a full basketball game in the gym, yet no one was there. On the investigation was Craig, Jason E, Jason J,
Jason B, Kerri, Lori, Jordon, Vanessa





From CCPI investigation October 9, 2010
A very intense clip featured in the Documentry "Haunted Iowa"


Video from C.R.E.E.P.Z. June 2011
Orb at the door?


C.C.P.I video 3rd floor "Door closing by itself"
Part of their "Haunted Iowa" Documentary coming  August 5th.


Mnprophet has a new video. An orb seems to circle the room
and then retreat below the old stage!  



Watch the flashlight! 


Lacey is choked!


Lisa is pushed to the ground.


Lisa wasn't the first to be shoved! 
Guest is knocked over by unseen force.


"Wall of sadness."  Overwhelming sadness takes over two investigators. 


Two investigator, one of them a woman, entered the boy's bathroom
on the 2nd floor.When they played back the audio they heard a a
small voice saying, "she's in the bathroom."  


During an investigation guests experienced a sudden drop in temperature.
Notice the orb moving upward on the left side of the screen.



"The Reveal"
Jacqui, from the International Paranormal Research Association,
presents what she believes is evidence of paranomal activity.  



Guests capture a picture, using an infrared camera,
seemingly showing a small child sitting at the
foot of the stage on the 3rd floor



A collection of some of the EVPs collected during visits at the schoolhouse. 
A child moaning was captured a the same time the photo
of a child sitting at the foot of the stage. 











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