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This is our page to cover almost everything else. We want it to be a collection of anything and
everything  Paranormal ... both serious and maybe not so much. We will post things as we find them
and welcome anyone to contribute. As long as it is relevent to our theme we will be happy to put it here.
If you have "bloopers" from your investigation or know of a great video to add let us know.


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Common Definitions

  1. Residual - are repeated playbacks of auditory, visual, smells, and other sensory phenomena that are attributed to a traumatic event, life altering event, or a routine event of a person or place, like an echo or a replay of past events but poses no harm to the residents. Example: every night at 4:00am the closet light will turn on and the bedroom smells of roses. These events have a spirit, ghost or entity that is not aware of the living world and most likely cannot be interacted with.

2. Intelligent - (classic haunting) is the opposite of a Residual Haunting; all is the same except the spirits, ghost or entities are aware of the living and very well can be interacted with. Example: capturing an answer to a question asked by an investigator during an EVP session. Can sometimes pose a nuisance to residents and could become harmful.  

 3. Poltergeist - comes from the German word noisy spirit.  In spiritism, certain phenomena, such as rapping, movement of furniture, and breaking of crockery, for which there is no apparent scientific explanation. Believers in spiritism interpret these phenomena, particularly common during séances, as evidence of the presence of supernatural spirits. This type of phenomena can become very dangerous, sometimes attaching itself to families following them where ever they go. Some believe that this phenomena is the work of devils, demons and even us.

 4. Attachment - when ghost hunting, investigating or visiting someone who lives in an alleged haunted house/ business sometimes spirits, ghost, enities can and will attach themselves to you. Attachment is said to be rare; however, there have been more cases of attachment reported over the past few years than ever before. Be aware this is a form of possession. Example: you return home after an investigation and a few hours/ days later you start to experience paranormal activity in your home or business which you never experienced in the past.     

 5. Possession - this happens when the spirit, ghost or entity takes complete control over an unwilling and unknowing individual, place, or thing. This of course being the most dangerous type of haunting. 







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E. E. Bensen's New Book 2016
Farrar featured in Chapter 12 ...

"Supposedly Haunted"

E. E. Bensen details his search for proof of an afterlife through the exploration

of supposedly haunted locations as a paranormal investigator ...
While maintaining a sense of humor, he explains what it is like to witness paranormal activity up close
and personal, and also provides an opinion of what all of it might be. Experiencing paranormal
phenomenon has a way of changing one's perspective...

Get Book or preview at Amazon here


Adam Tillery's new book "MISCHIEVOUS" (2016)
Farrar featured page 65
Take a journey with paranormal investigator and artist Adam Tillery into his supernatural experiences at
historic locations and throughout his personal life, then fall deeper into his haunted psyche with several
original creative creepy spine-tingling tales. Each story is highlighted with a piece of authentic
artwork straight from his own hand, captured from the canvas of his mind and shared
as a snapshot into the world of the unknown.


Larry Wilson's New Book ...
Farrar featured in Chapter 5!

Available at Amazon.com

In his new book, Dark Creepy Places, veteran paranormal investigator, Larry Wilson, introduces his readers to more
of the Midwest’s most haunted locales. Come along as he explores the Legacy Theater in Springfield, Illinois, where a famous actor
is still alleged to be making appearances. You will also get the opportunity to return back to the infamous Sallie House in Atchison,
Kansas. A place where something truly evil lurks. This book also includes investigations at a cemetery in Williamsburg Hill, Illinois;
Shandies Restaurant in Paducah, Kentucky, where an orb was observed intelligently interacting with the investigators;
the Farrar School, in Farrar, Iowa, where class seems to still be in session; the Granite City, Illinois YMCA,
where objects were thrown at the investigators, and many others places. Wilson documents the amazing
EVP’s that he has recorded at each location, as well as detailing the full history of the places he has investigated.
You will learn what he has uncovered about spirits and hauntings over his many years of experience in the field.

Here is Larry's interview with Channel 7 in Quincy, IL
Larry talks about his Farrar Experience at about 1:40 minutes.


Slipknot's Corey Taylor has a New Book out Now!

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven:

(or, How I Made Peace with the Paranormal and Stigmatized Zealots and Cynics)

The Farrar Schoolhouse is proud to be a
Chapter in Corey's New Book!

For a Preview of the Farrar Chapter
or to purchase Corey's New Book click here


New Book by Jamie Davis

Release date: September 2013

Inside Abandoned Institutions for the Crazy, Criminal & Quarantined


"Farrar School – Maxwell, Iowa"



a year in the making
Haunted Iowa Documentary Now Available

Posted on by CCPI
CCPI’s investigation of the Farrar School was very successful. Joined by Villisca Ax Murder House
tour guide and historian Johnny Houser, the team experience tons of paranormal activity in the
old school. It was by far the most exciting and crazy investigation the team had ever had.
The results of that night can be seen in the upcoming documentary,
“Haunted Iowa”.




Leon Titus brings "special" and "unique" knowledge to the world of

  Dream Codes Magazine is a new monthly e-magazine.

It covers Dream interpretation,
Ghosts hunting, Psychics, Crystals, Astrology, ...and a plethora of other spiritual and
paranormal topics, concepts, and truths.

A Spiritual/Paranormal/Inspirational Magazine focusing on bringing spiritual truths to people around the world.


"I'm a spiritual type of person. I help people understand paranormal and spiritual things."
Leon Titus is a Friend of Farrar.

New Book by our good Friend Lee Tasey! Now available ...

Lee Tasey teaches religious studies and literature at Doane College,
the oldest private liberal arts college in Nebraska. He is the author of The Gospel of Arnie,
How to Lose Your Faith in Divinity School and Jenna's Flaw.
He lives in Lincoln, Nebraska and is currently at work on a new novel. 

 About the Book ...
Carl Sorensen arrives at graduate school armed with Nietzsche, ready to take on
the backward beliefs of Nebraska’s Black Forest University. Then he meets Jenna — beautiful, fascinating,
and seductively unpredictable. She has a dark secret and a dangerous influence on everyone around her.
In order to save Jenna and himself, Carl must learn to wield a new weapon ...
Purchase here.
Lee Tasey is a Friend of Farrar.





Johnny Houser (Villisca Ax Murder House) and
the Klinge Brothers (Ghost Lab) say a few words about Farrar


Filmed at Farrar just for fun by the "Iowa Filmmakers". 2012

Farrar featured on new Paranormal show
  Paranormal Encounters presents
A haunting at farrar

Thanks Conner, Josh and Cody

This is the first of a New series by Paranormal Encounters:
A Haunting at Farrar
 A TwentyThree Films Production

Some clips of Paranormal Hot Squad at Farrar School in Des Moines, Iowa
and a few from the old Charleston Jail in Charleston, South Carolina.
2012 We do not own song. Sleigh Bells - Demons




CREEPZ Wisp expo 2011 promo film

C.C.P.I. Promotional video 2010
"The Farrar school is one of the craziest places we’ve ever been in.
It actually beats out Villisca."

"Haunted Iowa" Trailer

Farrar School Promo

CCPI Event Promo

CCPI PROMO VIDEO "Return to Farrar"

Dead Men Walking Farrar School Promo



for fun

Bad Storm May, 2013


  Crop Duster over the Farrar Schoolhouse

There's no evidence in this video,
but it's still funny. Enjoy!


The Perils of the Hunt

Boo Attacks Mr Potatoe

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