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Photographic Evidence
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From Cheryl Ann Fletcher Para Normal Seekers Of Iowa  JUNE 17 2013
Placw: Farrar Event June 15, 2013
Taken by: Mark A. Fletcher. Mark, was outside, no one was around. Very warm and humid..
Dead Paranormal walking? Mark doesn't smoke.

  with Cheryl Ann Fletcher Para Normal Seekers Of Iowa

From Don Mallette investigation
Oct. 27, 2012
Do you see the "figure" ... seems to be sitting on
the floor near the door at the end of the hall.
(just above the chair) Whatever it is it is blocking the window frame and the door frame behind it ... indicates mass?

Don Mallette said: " This was looking down the hall while just me and my friend kirstin were in the principals office after we had to escort this couple back downstairs to a safe room they were getting choked and shaking and almost in tears from all th
eir energy being drained. We went back up there right afterwards just the two of us. Kept seeing mad shadow play and hall kept getting real dark so i took a few pitures in succuession."


Pic by Mike Sutton ... stage 3rd floor.
The vertical straight line on the right
of the figure is
a lamp stand but the
"figure" seems to have red hair and
looking off to the left.

What do you think?



H.O.P.E. Research Team
July, 2012

As we are going through our evidence we found this and found it to be very interesting. There was no one in the building at the time and I did not see anything while I was taking the picture. Please take a look and let us know your thoughts. Thank you Janet & Dave, H.O.P.E. Investigators.

This is the original pic. We enlarged 
the pic on the left.
It seems to be a male looking out the window just above the porch roof. We have had at least one other person see a figure in the same spot as they pulled into the driveway. She was so positive that we checked and searched every inch of the schoolhouse with our dog. We did not find anything.
This pic is one of the clearest we have seen.
with our dog and never found anything.

Photo by Eric Kline (Paranormal Endeavors)

This was taken in the stage room/auditorium during "Human Dowsing Rod."
Shadow moves toward Eric as he communicates with a spirit. There was nothing in
the room that would have blocked the light and caused the shadow. 

Original Photo                                                           Enlarged Photo                

Hey cousin Nancy :) Its Holly from Arkansas. Really enjoyed the tour we took a few months back in July.
Never noticed anything in any of my photos til today. Not sure why but decided to go back thru them again. 
This is the regular pic & then the one I zoomed in on & see if you can tell me what you think this is.
Its the room at the top of the main stairs. It appears to me to be a white fog/blob/mist..I'm not really sure.
But it does appear to block out part of the door & even the doorknob. I can't think of anything that could
have created this effect (reflection, etc.). I checked all the pics I took before this one & its not a smudge
on the camera. I thought that may have been it at first so I double checked. None of the other pics have
anything like this. So anyhow see what you think & give me a shout back.
Thanks again for letting us check out the school.
Submitted 10/10/11  

               Original Photo                                                           Closeup of Photo             

Dave Skinner: "We caught this on the second floor. Mike claimed
to have seen what looked like a moth fly through a blackboard.
We found this picture a few days later in evidence review."
The arrow points to a nail that is covered with paint
but is not
the light source or a reflective source.
submitted 10/8/11



Mississippi Valley Paranormal
August 2011 Investigation

Hallway:  This photo was taken by Steve using a full spectrum digital camera after hearing noises coming from the end of the hallway when on his way up to change a tape in his video recorder.
Do I see something by the door?

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