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Spend the night in a haunted schoolhouse

SEE THE 2011 "My Ghost Story" episode on Farrar here ...

"Schools Out Forever ... the Presence"

Farrar on My Ghost Story
Season 4 Episode 3 Aired April 28, 2012

My Ghost Story S4 E03 by CMPunk77

"Incorporeal Punishment" Farrar School, Farrar, Iowa
Check out the "behind the scenes" with C.C.P.I.'s Meegan and Jesse below.

Behind the Scenes with Meegan and Jesse
The stories have been selected... the filming started in January 2012.
Season 4 Episode 3 Aired April 28, 2012

1/3/12 Meegan Campbell and Jesse Alne leave for
Hollywood to tell their story to the Producers
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These are the video highlights of Jesse and Meegan's trip to L.A. to film for My Ghost Story!

Jesse                  Meegan



FARRAR on "My Ghost Story" 2011

"Schools  Out  Forever"

my ghost story began when...
Farrar featured on "My Ghost Story" May 16, 2011
On The Biography Channel ... "Schools Out Forever".
We want to thank the Biography channel for telling our story.  It was a great experience.

They did use the wrong photo when I talked about the
light around psychic Jacqui Carpenter's  head. 

This is the photo that dropped my jaw.  The photo was taken with an infrared camera and no light source in the room.  The woman standing next to me took the picture and gasped.  I looked at the screen of her camera that there it was.  


We had "My Ghost Story" here on Feb. 1 ... yes they do re-create some shots but it is all based on the "witness" account (Nancy and Kathy). The cameraman/producer comes with knowledge of the event... asks questions about particulars... does his "stock" shots and then sets up the witness the way he needs them for their shots. Our 2 witnesses had both been flown to California a couple of months earlier to do the sit down interview and tell their ghost story to the producers.

We sent evidence to them gathered by different paranormal groups that have been here for investigations.  We don't even know for sure what they will use in the final show. In our case Mike (cameraman/producer) was here on the day we had one of the worst snow storms of the year (Feb. 1).

The filming outside was downright painful!  By the time he finished his outside shots Mike's hands were frozen and sore.  He didn't get out until after dark and he had to come back the next day to finish. Visibility was down to about 20 ft. and snow was blowing left to right.  Pay close attention to the scene of Kathy arriving and entering the schoolhouse.  She had to re-shoot that scene 8 times and spent hours warming back up.

Hope you will be watching!

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