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2016 US CELLULAR DDOES 360 Degree Video at Farrar

The Farrar Schoolhouse is a "known" haunted location here in Iowa visited
by dozens
of Paranormal Groups and individuals including:
Discovery Channels "My Ghost Story" and "Ghost Stalkers",
Fox news,
Lazor 103.3 Radio, Des Moines Register, "Side Sessions", author Steven LaChance,
Villisca's Johnny Houser,
Brad and Barry Klinge, Chris Dedman, John Tenney,
Chad Lindberg, David Rountree, Rosalyn Bown, Dakota Laden, Jodie Parks, Mike Holeman,

Tim Dwight, Jacqui Carpenter, Chad and Brian Calek, Christopher Booth, SlipKnot's Corey Taylor and more.


US CELLULAR FARRAR 360 Degree Video ...
September 2016


Even if you're a skeptic, it's hard not to get a little spooked in this old schoolhouse.
See for yourself: explore Farrar Elementary in 360 degrees.
You may even meet a student from years past. Thanks to US Cellular for including Farrar!

Farrar Featured on
Des Moines Register


Metal Band "GHOSTHIVE"
plays "LIVE" at Farrar 2016

Introducing: the Juice Side Sessions,
a collection of video performances highlighting
local musicians and artists displaying their
craft in the heart of Iowa.


"GHOST STALKERS" Farrar Episode
Featured on Discover's channel "Destination America"
By Ghost Adventure Producer Nick Groff!

Featuring John Tenney, Chad Lindberg and David Rountree.
Aired November 20, 2014

Slipknot's Corey Taylor on "Coast To Coast" Radio FM
es Farrar as part of his new book 2013
Corey talks about Farrar at 51:00 minutes

New Book by Jamie Davis

Release date: September 2013

Inside Abandoned Institutions for the Crazy, Criminal & Quarantined




                       "How the School Came" 
                             by James  B. Weaver)

                            Found by researcher Will Conkel
      Article on voting for and building Farrar
Published December, 1921
             The Banker-Farmer Volume 9

                    SEE ARTICLE HERE

Adam Tillery's new book "MISCHIEVOUS" (2016)
Farrar featured page 65
Take a journey with paranormal investigator and artist Adam Tillery into his supernatural experiences at
historic locations and throughout his personal life, then fall deeper into his haunted psyche with several
original creative creepy spine-tingling tales. Each story is highlighted with a piece of authentic
artwork straight from his own hand, captured from the canvas of his mind and shared
as a snapshot into the world of the unknown.


Larry Wilson's New Book (2015) ...
Farrar featured in Chapter 5!
Available at Amazon.com
In his new book, Dark Creepy Places, veteran paranormal investigator, Larry Wilson, introduces
his readers to more
of the Midwest’s most haunted locales. Come along as he explores the
Legacy Theater in Springfield, Illinois, where a famous actor
is still alleged to be making appearances.
You will also get the opportunity to return back to the infamous Sallie House in Atchison,
A place where something truly evil lurks. This book also includes investigations at a cemetery in
Williamsburg Hill, Illinois;
Shandies Restaurant in Paducah, Kentucky, where an orb was observed intelligently
interacting with the investigators;
the Farrar School, in Farrar, Iowa, where class seems to still be in session;
the Granite City, Illinois YMCA,
where objects were thrown at the investigators, and many others places.
Wilson documents the amazing
EVP’s that he has recorded at each location, as well as detailing the full history
of the places he has investigated.
You will learn what he has uncovered about spirits and hauntings
over his many years of experience in the field.

Get Larry's Book at Amazon

Des Moines Register Article October 2016
Click here

Fox Valley Ghost hunters
From 11-2011  investigation


Farrar Featured on The Biography Channel
"My Ghost Story"
 Air date: Saturday May 21, 2011

The first Farrar "My Ghost Story" Episode
featuring owner Nancy Oliver and her Sister Kathy.
On The Biography Channel ... "The Presence"

Farrar on
"My Ghost Story"

Bio Channel returns to Farrar 2012

Farrar Episode "Incorporeal Punishment"
Featuring Calhoun County Paranormal Investigators (CCPI)



Local paranormal investigators seek out spirits

By Erica Pennington

The Gazette 10/30/11
As thousands of Iowans flock to spooky attractions hoping for a good scare this Halloween, some locals are flocking to locations believed to play host to real-life hauntings across the state - all in the hope of capturing evidence that prove spirits exist.
Coming from a diverse set of personal and professional backgrounds, members of local paranormal teams commit dozens of hours to investigating locations perceived to be haunted across the state.

'Some people may think we're crazy,' says paranormal investigator Mark Lehman, 30, of Cedar Rapids. 'Some people won't believe [in spirits] unless they see one in front of their face.' Paranormal investigator James Bramow, 30, of Vinton, says that while he also has experienced his fair share of ostracism, he believes that people are becoming more open-minded about the paranormal.

'Back when I started investigating the paranormal [around 1996], the idea wasn't something that people really felt comfortable talking about publicly,' Bramow says. 'Now things seem to be changing.' Bramow, founder of the Vinton-based group Eastern Iowa Paranormal, credits the recent popularity of 'ghost hunting' television shows in helping change negative perceptions about the paranormal.
'The television shows have opened up the world of the paranormal and made investigating more acceptable,' he says. 'It seems like more people are willing to talk about their experiences than ever before.' Lehman agrees, saying that after he created his group 319 Paranormal last year, they received a handful of calls from Eastern Iowans who are open to the idea that spirits may exist.

Cedar Rapids-based investigator Amy Lee Bachman, 26, says that a majority of the cases that her group, Spirit Crew, investigates are also at discreet locations in the Cedar Rapids metro area.
Investigator Franklin Wiggins, 32, of Hiawatha, says that while he has been a member of Spirit Crew, the team has been able to capture evidence of the two main types of hauntings - intelligent and residual.
'Intelligent haunting are where a spirit knows that it's there and can interact with the living,' Wiggins says. 'The second is residual hauntings, where a spirit doesn't know that it's there and it just does the same things over and over again.'

Located approximately two hours southwest of Cedar Rapids, the former Farrar Schoolhouse in Maxwell is a location frequented by local paranormal investigators who say it may host both types of hauntings.

Purchased by Nancy Oliver, 57, and her husband, Jim, 59, in 2006, visitors to the large brick schoolhouse say they have heard voices and laughter, witnessed objects move and captured strange images in photo-graphs. 'I've always been skeptical, but the more I find out about the history of this place, I can't help to think that some people might still be connected to the building,' Nancy Oliver says. Since calling Farrar home, Nancy Oliver says she has experienced many strange phenomena, including being touched and seeing the apparition of a small boy walking down a stairwell to the building's gymnasium.

'I love it here and have always felt very comfortable [in the building],' Nancy Oliver says. 'I'm used to it now. I come in and say, 'Kids, I'm home' sometimes.' Investigator Angel Skinner, 28, of Monticello, says that she and other members of 319 Paranormal have had luck documenting what they believe is evidence of spirits at Farrar and local residences by using tools, including voice recorders, video cameras and electromagnetic field meters.

'We've caught EVPS (recorded voices that cannot be heard by the naked ear) of children's voices, laughter, cheering and even growling,' Skinner says. 'Sometimes you catch nothing, but when you do, it is so exciting.'— with Mike Sutton, James Bramow, Haunting At Farrar, Niki Shumate, Kenny Doyle, Mark Lehman, Angel Skinner, Spirit Crew and Dave Skinner

              Morning Moose Radio Show      
              Listen to the owner Nancy Oliver's 


May 20th interview on LAZER 103.3 
            Des Moines, Iowa                     



Oct 18th Des Moines Register 2010
Old school building in Farrar offers lessons in the paranormal

School's out forever at the former Farrar school, but its owners and their
guests are getting an education in the paranormal.Nancy Oliver sometimes had
in which she lived in a spacious building that sported a stage. Those came true
in late 2006 when she and her husband, Jim, purchased the three-story, 17,000-
sq. ft.
school in this rural Polk County community.The school had been shuttered since 2002,
but the couple
quickly settled into their living quarters on the first floor and began renovations.

Then the odd experiences started:
A voice reminding Nancy Oliver to turn off the bathroom light.A steadying hand
on her
shoulder while she was climbing one of the school's several stairwells.
The shadowy shape of a little boy on the gymnasium stairs.
Things just got weirder when a psychic, Jacqui Carpenter of nearby Maxwell,
pulled into the drive and asked if she could communicate with a ghost she said was inside.
"I've always felt very comfortable here,"Nancy Oliver said, but it's a good thing she and her husband are a bit skeptical."We really need to be, or we'd just be seeing things right and left."Their dog, appropriately named Boo, doesn't seem to buy any of it, Nancy Oliver said.
 But their previous pooch sometimes seemed to bark at things they couldn't see.

Carpenter and other visitors have captured audio and video recordings of odd noises,
voices and images at the site, which was part of a farm before the school opened in 1922
and is across the road from a cemetery.
"The one thing we do know is something is happening," Carpenter said, but investigators sometimes find logical explanations for what they see,
hear and feel."It's all subjective -what do you believe, what are you willing to believe," she said.

Brave souls from around the Midwest can arrange to camp overnight inside the school's
echoing walls. Carpenter hosts evening open houses, and there are daytime tours for
those who don't want to be around when the sun goes down.

Carpenter, founder of the International Paranormal Research Association, said she began
having psychic experiences as a child. Her mother and grandmother also had those
capabilities, she said, which have surfaced among her children and grandchildren.During a
recent investigation, Carpenter and grandson Austin Cory crouched on the floor of a former classroom as other researchers sat nearby in a handful of student desks.
Carpenter said she sensed a girl was present - and then another spirit she referred to as Frank, who apparently
liked to steal the show during past investigations.
Carpenter said she sensed a girl was
present - and then another spirit she referred to as Frank, who apparently liked to steal the
show during past investigations.
"Let the little girl come forward," Carpenter said.She asked
the spirit if it would answer some questions by lighting up an electromagnetic sensor.
Carpenter asked the spirit if it was a male - no response.

When she asked if it was female, the reader's red light glowed.Then she told the
spirit she wanted to know its age. Carpenter started counting at six and slowly ticked off
numbers until she reached 10, when the red light began to flash repeatedly.
Carpenter and
Cory later asked the other spirit they sensed was in the room to move a closet door. The door didn't swing.
Carpenter said the apparent interaction with the girl was interesting but she
couldn't accept it without some other evidence. "This is fun, but we don't know what we're messing with," she said.Sometimes the observational mood turns uneasy, as it did the time a woman taking part in an investigation of the third-floor auditorium suddenly fell backward.

Nancy Oliver, who was only a few feet away and saw the woman topple, said it was the
scariest thing she has witnessed at the school.Carpenter said an inquisitive mind can
be the best defense against the unknown."Instead of being afraid of things that go
bump in the night, look for the answers," she said.

Local News station Holloween broadcast
parts 1 &2

Other Newspaper Articles

Des Moines Register
October 2016:

"Ghostly things happening in empty school near Des Moines" Click here

Band "Ghosthive" plays at the Farrar School. Click here



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