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Johnny Houser and the Klinge Brothers.
See what they say about Farrar.

The first trailer for the documentary by Seth Alne:
"The Haunting at Farrar"

The Farrar Schoolhouse is a "known" haunted location here in Iowa visited by dozens of

Paranormal Groups and other individuals including "My Ghost Story", Fox news,

Lazor 103.3 Radio, Des Moines Register, author Steven Lachance, Villisca's Johnny Houser,

Brad and Barry Klinge, Chris Dedman, Rosalyn Bown, Dakota Laden, Jodie Parks,

Mike Holeman, Tim Dwight, Jacqui Carpenter, Chad and Brian Calek, Slipknot's Corey Taylor,

Weird Lecture's John Tenney, Filmmaker Christopher Saint Booth, Adam Berry and more. 

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patrick said:   December 14, 2010 4:50 pm PST
my fiance had attended the farrar school just a few years prior to it closing. so one of our friends and us went to investigate on 12/11/10. unfortunately due to the weather we were only able to be there for around 2 hours. we didnt have many personal expierences but.....we did catch alot of interesting audio. anything from voices, what sounds like crying. perhaps the most interesting thing we caught was when we were in the hallway of the 2nd floor our audio recorder caught what sounds like a door closing on the 3rd followed by several footsteps even though none of us were moving. very interesting. cant really explain it. we collected the most audio on the 2nd and 3rd floors. didnt catch anything in the gym. definetly are returning with a larger group in the spring!

Ghost Lovers said:   December 3, 2010 6:20 am PST
We enjoyed our stay last weekend & Nancy is such a sweetie! We havent reviewed all of our recordings but I was alone on the first floor while the others were up on the 3rd... I heard a little girl giggle, and shortly after that the bathroom door on the 2nd floor slammed shut. Our cam had also went off 8 times where the stage was. About 2am the K2 was responding to questions. 4 am when we were all asleep, there was a huge bang on the floor (concrete floor mind you) in between the 5 of us and we all felt and heard it... We cant wait to return this spring!!!! ...Im sure due to all the remodeling, that is a known cause for the paranormalities to manifest... well worth the stay! Thanks!!!

deb g said:   October 23, 2010 4:20 pm PST
we were there last nite when pshycic Jackie was there ...and Wow is all I can say , the smell of pipe smoke, the Equipment responding to questions and all of us singing in the theatre area...then watching the straw pyramid move on comand...thanks for letting us enjoy the school...

Katherine said:   October 21, 2010 10:54 am PST
I went to school at Farrar from the fall of 93 through the spring of 96. Some of those hallways did have an eerie feeling about them, for example going in the side entrance, down the short flight of stairs- that hallway (in my day, we ate there) always "felt" a little weird. My fifth grade classroom, on an upper floor at the back of the building, had a tiny, closetlike bathroom in it that had a weird feeling about it, too. Being a kid, I never thought about it much. Interesting... I don't know if I buy all this- why would there be such a sudden spike in activity?- but it is interesting... maybe we need to have a 6th grade class reunion in our old school. :)

former student said:   October 17, 2010 6:45 am PST
I was a student at Farrar for 3 years back in the late 90's. My friends and I would joke about the building being haunted, but with how young we were we didn't fully understand it. Doors opening and closing on their own was a common occurance that'd happen basically everyday while sitting in class. I can't wait to go back and investigate in the near future.

MJ said:   October 15, 2010 9:35 pm PST
I went to school at Farrar...I have to say, there was always a strange feeling walking in the halls...none of the kids wanted to be alone in the halls during class. The hallway just outside of the lunchroom in front of the stairs going down to the gym was just overwhelming...like you were never alone, even if you thought you were.

brian said:   October 12, 2010 12:54 pm PST
Thank you for the opportunity on Saturday to investigate your very unique school house. Team PROPHET had a great time with many experiences. We experienced the following to name just a few. Flashlights respond to direct questions. Turning on and off on their own, sometimes when nobody was in the same room. EMF meters flashing and responding too some very unique questions in a couple of locations. But the action seemed to be most intense in the room that only a small part of the stage is visible. This includes almost an hour and twenty minutes of action in the same area, with very specific questions. Hair being tugged on investigators. Walkie talkies going off shortly before a noise is heard. Investigators hear people talking just outside the active bathroom door, but infra red cameras verify nobody there?? A lock door vibrated with video and audio evidence?? With all of our experience, we can safely say this was a very active investigation for the amount of time we investigated. We had 12 infra red cameras deployed for 10 hours creating 120 hours of footage to review and almost as many audio recorders. Once we review the evidence we will forward it to you and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Lynn Stevens said:   October 5, 2010 2:10 am PST
I lived in Farrar for a year and never heard mention of the school being haunted or people staying overnight in it. Seems strange that suddenly there is all this "action" going on. Not that I don't believe in ghosts or entities, because I do; however, it was never mentioned before and I'm wondering why there is suddenly a "history" according to you???

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