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Johnny Houser and the Klinge Brothers.
See what they say about Farrar.

The first trailer for the documentary by Seth Alne:
"The Haunting at Farrar"

The Farrar Schoolhouse is a "known" haunted location here in Iowa visited by dozens of

Paranormal Groups and other individuals including "My Ghost Story", Fox news,

Lazor 103.3 Radio, Des Moines Register, author Steven Lachance, Villisca's Johnny Houser,

Brad and Barry Klinge, Chris Dedman, Rosalyn Bown, Dakota Laden, Jodie Parks,

Mike Holeman, Tim Dwight, Jacqui Carpenter, Chad and Brian Calek, Slipknot's Corey Taylor,

Weird Lecture's John Tenney, Filmmaker Christopher Saint Booth, Adam Berry and more. 

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Steven Tracy said:   August 3, 2011 4:02 pm PST
Hi Nancy...Steven Tracy here from Iowa Paranormal...Almost done with all the evidence...my god we had alot! Truly one of the most active places i have ever been...First time a place has rattled my nerves...you'll see on the videos!..lol..Thanks again, we are already wanting to do another overnighter...Just trying to get everyones schedule together...As soon as i get the videos done, i will send them your way. Thanks again, Steven.

tonya strovers said:   July 23, 2011 6:31 pm PST
my group stayed last night! amazing place! experienced the light by office turning off, furniture being moved in rooms, books and drawers opening and closing, touching, dragging noises, screams, moans, touching, a growling sound, just a overall someone is watching you feeling, especially in the hallway when you first walk in to go to the first floor. We even had a skunk spray the ac in the office room we were trying to nap in:) we are definately coming back this summer! something just draws you to this place, it's amazing! thanks for opening your home to us

Seth Aline C.C.P.I. said:   July 19, 2011 1:00 pm PST
I have spent 4 nights so far in the past year and have never been disappointed. I have been a paranormal investigator for 10 years and I have been to many locations but I have never had a crazier investigation then I did the first time I investigated the schoolhouse. I have experienced, footsteps, voices, being touched, shadow people, doors opening and closing, furniture being moved, all my energy being completely taken from me on a few different occasions, emotion overload, and apparitions. I have watched fearless men cower in the darkness of the school. I know that there are many "spirits" in that old school and they seem to be alive and kicking. And if anybody doubts me then you can ask the numerous people that have experienced the same things I have. The Farrar School is extremely active and definitely give the Villisca Axe Murder House a run for it's money in being the most haunted place in Iowa.

Amanda said:   June 28, 2011 9:54 am PST
Last nite my family and I stayed in the house. We unfortunatley got no experiences seeing apparitions or anything of that sort. However we took a ton of pictures. When we were up in the room with the stage we were takin random pictures and nothing came up while no one was on the stage. Then the guys in our group got on the stage and sang twinkle twinkle and we started getting what looked like orbs on our pictures. Then they got off of the stage and we played brown eyed girl and sang along with it and seemed to get more orbs. But when we just sat there and took pictures nothing showed up at all. That was a major hot spot for us. We also left a camera on the third floor while we investigated the cemetery and reviewed it and heard a weird dragging sound while we were outside. And also a flash in front of the camera. Our whole group was outside. And the scariest of all was the noises while we were upstairs all in one room. We heard footsteps in the hallway. And while my sister, her boyfriend and I were by base which was the office we heard plain as day whistling. The people with us on the second floor heard it too and thought it was us. Something about that third floor bothered me. Also when we were in one of the classrooms I felt something tug my shirt. We are definetely coming back late july early august. Thanks Nancy. It was a blast. =)

Deb said:   April 21, 2011 1:55 pm PST
Nancy, I am from the group that spent the night there this past Sat. April 2. Thought I'd let you know we had major K2 hits later in the night in the gym and one of the classrooms. In the stage room, we had very creepy feeelings (in fact one of the girls refused to go back in there because she didn't like it at all), a flashlight turning off and on and a very clear EVP saying "Get the kid". A couple in our group saw shadows. We all heard voices and yells/moans. With the spirit box we got the name Adam more than once. Do you know anything about an Adam there? We also got an EVP of someone whistling in the gym. No one in our group was whistling. Not all of the audio has been reviewed yet. I'll let you know if we get anything more. Thank you for an eventful night! Deb

SJPI - Ames said:   April 8, 2011 6:01 pm PST
We investigated the school in Oct of 2010 and had what seemed like a quiet night until we reviewed evidence. We caught some amazing EVPs that have left us speechless! Everything from residual piano playing to a distant cheering crowd to a man's voice telling us to get out of the bathroom! Simply haunted...thats all I can say :)

Sandy Marler said:   April 5, 2011 6:58 pm PST
We were there 2 weeks ago and in the boys bathroom we had a motion detector in there, I went in to get it, I shut it off and put it in my pocket. Minutes later we hear a high piercing sound we have never heard before and sure enough it was the detector going off in my pocket and it was shut off! We also had an EMF meter with us and it was going off flashing like crazy. Something was definietly playing with us. We haven't gone through all of the recordings and pictures, hope to soon so we can share our findings. Nancy was fabulous and we can't wait to come again. Hopefully in warmer weather.

adrenaline pararnormal said:   February 8, 2011 2:35 pm PST
We where there back in November and we had a member cry in the crying corner not knowing that's where it was and we also had our sensors go off four different times on camera along with an epod going off up on the third floor

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