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We have met many Alumni of Farrar since we bought the old schoolhouse in 2007.  One
gentleman we met 3 years ago mentioned that "he hadn't been in the school for 74 years".
Another talked about how they used to enter the gym via the window, then shimmy down the steam pipe so they could use the phone to call out of town because it was
the only phone in town with an outside line. Others have relayed stories of
"sliding" down the handrail of the stairways or playing pranks on the teachers.

Yes, we have also heard stories of doors closing on their own, weird
visions and sounds... even a cook who came in before any students
or other faculty to prepare for a special event that day.
She arrived about 4am and began her long work day. She heard children
laughing, giggling and running down the hall outside the kitchen.
Knowing no one should be there that early and with concern
for the children she bolted from the kitchen to see not a soul.

Help us build this page.
Our purpose is twofold. First we want to create a page simply to list names and
contact information for those who attended or worked at Farrar... a central
location where past alumni can "check in" or get in touch with old friends.
You may submit only your name and year(s) you were here if you prefer, or include
your current contact information (email, facebook, etc) so old friends can contact you.

Second, over time we expect this page to grow and become a great tool for our
visitors as well as a wonderful catalog of the past history here at Farrar.

Submit your information and/or any story relating to your experience here to

B.J. Hall
   1997-2000 (4th - 6th grade)    Email:

Sonya Behle   (5th - 6th grade) 2000-2001   WWW.Facebook.com/Sonya.behle

Angie Clark   1985-1987   http://facebook.com/angie.clark1   

Heather Geary   1996 - 1998  (4th - 6th grade)   Email: hmgeary86@aol.com
Shawna Severini  2000 - 2001  (4th and 5th grade)  Look her up on

Hannah Sloan    until 2002  (4th - 6th grade)  Look her up on www.Facebook.com
"...the floors were so creaky and the bathrooms freaked me out but I loved the school it was awesome"

Tammy Utter  1990 - 1993  ( 4th - 6th ) 
Sima Nayeri   1994 - 1997  ( 4th - 6th )  Email: ash.sima812@gmail.com

Teresa Inman - Stodden  1990 - 1993  (4th - 6th )

 Rod Silvers  Mid 70's   (4th - 6th)
    "The boiler room and the locker rooms were scarey. "









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