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EVPs collected by guests during 
their visits to the schoolhouse
All the evps here are given to us by Paranormal Research Groups.
It is not possible to post everything we receive but we try to post the
best ones while
representing as many Groups as possible.

Check our "Visitors Evidence" page for Paranormal Groups
with more evps and other evidence on Farrar as presented on their websites.
Thank you all for your contributions! Got evidence you want to post here?
Email Jim at ftvjames@hotmail.com with your evps and commentary.

New from CCPI 1/14/12

Seth Alne: We left a recorder on the 2nd floor of the Farrar School and locked
the building up and left. We know for a fact no one was on property or
in the building ever the entire night. This is some of what we captured...

David Voy: I enhanced this by slowing the Speed down 10% and slowing the Tempo down
an additional 20% I hear Voices and Phrases. My research has shown many bumps and crashes
and pops and snaps are Voices that come accross so fast and loud, they sound originally like
that,. but enhanced you can start to hear actual words.

New from Fox Valley Ghost Hunters
submitted 1/12/2012
Craig Nehring- Founder/ Case Manager:
The most intense place we have investigated and we got to spend two whole nights there Nov 4th to the 6th of 2011.
We were only there for a short period investigating the 3rd floor where most is said to happen.
We heard a disembodied voice and some noises coming from the stage area. A short while later a group of 3
investigators, Vanessa, Jordan and Lori got a hug from what we believe was a little girl in the Library and I will post
one of our investigators reaction to the hug as she received it. We went over evidence while on location and
we have over 100 evps and some balls of light on cameras. We will post the best evps to our evp section and
the videoas soon as it is edited. We loved this place and plan to do a return trip here in warmer months.
This place has 4 floors to investigate and the last night that we were there something took a liking to our room.
I was just about to sleep and something banged on my air mattress next to my head. I jumped up and was like
what the heck and the whole night something was pulling on our blankets and we could hear noise coming from
the gym and our investigators described it as a full basketball game in the gym, yet no one was there.
On the investigation was Craig, Jason E, Jason J, Jason B, Kerri, Lori, Jordon, Vanessa

response to burp                          "Peggy screws"                        "Lucas can't see me".

girls laughing and talking?               "I got to go to bed"                    question: are you sad?

            "copy that"                              child answers?                     make you cry?...Boo Hoo

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New from Midwest Ghost Society
submitted 12/2011

This investigation was by far the most sucesseful we have had in terms of evp evidence. 
Two investigators heard something moved after asking for something to make noise and after
leaving that room and shutting the door to it the door was open when returning to the area in
about 10 minutes.  We didn't have a camera in the area unfortunatly. I'm only posting
some of the louder more interesting clips because there were so many.

(1)auditorium "oh yeah"                                         (2) boiler room voice

           (3) Safe room "hello"                                  (4)outside entrance "good morning"

       (5)safe room "wait for it"                                (6)Gym: footsteps, knocks, rustling

(7)floor hall: "yeah...but mess with you..?             (8) gym: ghostly shout out?

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New from Mississippi Valley Paranormal
submitted 9/2011

Steve writes: As far as personal experiences with Farrar. Many times throughout the night when going up to change tapes
 in my video camera, I along with Bryce heard shuffling, sounds of things being dragged, and even sounds of someone
running down the hall. When we reached the floor all would stop. We also encountered this phenomenon when investigating.
The noises would come from the floor above or below, never on the floor we were on. During set-up, me and Bryce went
to the third floor so I could set up my video camera. We were on the end where the two classrooms that were hot areas,
the breathing room and the emf room. I felt uneasy, heavy sensation, it was hard to catch
my breath. There was audio to
confirm my experience. I simply felt as if something was there watching everything I was doing and not liking it.
The presence was strong, yet I was the only one to experience the feeling at this time. While investigating on the second floor,
I felt the wind from something passing me in the hall, as if they had ran down the hall past me. While in the stage room
I along with Bryce heard a disembodied sigh that was
caught on audio. On the second floor boys bathroom I witnessed a
k2 conversation
with something that was in there with us. While in the Gym, both Bryce and I heard a large boom or crash
coming from the above floors which was also caught on his audio. In one of the third floor classrooms as well as the hallway,
I felt as if I was touched by something on three separate occasions. Two times it felt like cobwebs, the first time I
was touched I felt actual pressure on my arm as if someone was holding on to it trying to get my attention.

Noises in gym                  Reaction     

               Sigh                Whisper Boys Bathroom  

    Growel?                Slight Whisper

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New from Central Iowa Paranormal Investigators
From "ghost School" Event 2011

"Give up..."                      "Get out"  

        Knocking                Thud and Scream  

 What is my name?           Child Whisper    

New EVPS from 319Paranormal
From "Ghost School" Event 2011

                              Evil laugh                     Cheering in gym                      Mama                                       

               Jordan                               Charlie                Make that class disapear

Evps from Leon Titus


From Leon Titus June 4 investigation
Do we hear "Hi"?

 "Enhanced" version of above

Shorter "Enhanced" version of above
evp... is it "he's injured"?

Evp from Paranormal Seekers of Iowa

The investigator asks, "Did anyone get in trouble in here and have to
face the wall or get put on time out?" 
Response, child's voice, 
"Or worse."

Evps from Midwest Outer Realm Followers
From June 8th investigation

EVP of a voice caught on a digital voice recorder in Farrar, IA. 
"Boju" is a Nigerian word for "let's play hide and seek."
... also a Native American word for "hello"

The first voice is one of the investigators on a radio...
when he says "Eric" listen close for a raspy demonic voice.
Sounds like "
see if they want to play".




Eastern Iowa Paranormal

EVP "James Brown" from Eastern Iowa Paranormal
June 10, 2011 investigation
NOTE: J. Clarence Brown is buried in the Farrar Cemetery.
We cannot confirm that the "J" stands for James       

"Get out ... please"

The investigator is referring to the Farrar
 Cemetery and a church across the street.

Listen near the end... doyou hear the same thing?



Spirits Journey ParanormalInvestigators
   October 29th, 2010
     Notice the same male voice in 3 of the evps.
       The others seem to be a young boy.

    Don't hit me! Don't hit me again!

    Wouldn't you like to see?

    Get outta here!
    Should I agree?  Yes!

    Die!  Hello!






Midwest Paranormal Investigation Society

The following are from a previous visit in 2010 from the 3rd floor...
some are a little disturbing:

   "Shhhhh.... he he"

 "Bastard, I'll get them good"

 "I'll kill them now......"

 "Of course I'm going to the janitor"

  A loud moan.

 "Get out"

 A spirit telling Nick what it thinks of him?



  Ipra Research Team 2010

 "She's in the bathroom"

  Girls Giggle

 "Were here"

Hawkeye State Paranormal

This was caught when Jennifer
and Kate were in the auditorium!

This EVP was recorded behind
 the stage in the auditorium!

We recorded this behind the stage
in the auditorium at the Farrar


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